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Serving ads in apps - Android, iOS

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Supported to serving ads in apps for the devices Android and ios. Main features included in our product ” mJAX Mobile App Ads” as below

Android SDK - Main Features:

  • Support of apps for: Android (Version 1.6 and higher)
  • Supports all standard ad formats in Mobile Apps: Image Ads
  • Caching & Offline delivery
  • Ad Refresh for updating the ads after a customizable time period has elapsed
  • Cross app unique user detection

iOS - Main Features:

  • Support of apps for: iOS (Version 4.3 and higher)
  • Supports all standard ad formats in Mobile Apps: Image Ads
  • Caching
  • Ad Refresh for updating the ads after a customizable time period has elapsed
  • Cross app unique user detection

Introducing dJAX Adnetwork Package for OpenX

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

A complete adnetwork Setup is possible with simply purchasing a complete package for OpenX. dJAX Adnetwork contains well versed modules and plugins to setup a complete Adnetwork using OpenX. OpenX has been highly successful and it has been used in many advertising platforms and Adnetworks.

Recent addition to OpenX like mJAX mobile ads Plugin has been a huge success as that can simply turn an existing OpenX into a mobile adnetwork.

Mobile ads plugin is also included in dJAX Adnetwork Package. Apart from this, it also contains various innovative ad formats, targeting options, reports & statistics, etc.

Complete details to setup a complete adnetwork can be found here.

In-image ads for OpenX

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010


I would like to get ads inside images. I use OpenX for adserving. Would it be possible for you to setup inimage adverstisement for OpenX


Yes, it is definitely possible to provide your required option of in-image ads for you. Please send detailed information to and we could able to provide you with a time estimate and get the feature for you.

OpenX and JW Player

Sunday, September 12th, 2010


I am looking for someone who can help me with some basic configuration issues re: serving pre/post-roll video ads and text and graphic overlay ads from an Openx server to play within a JW player.
I have the banner ads working and I can run the pre/post/overlay examples from my webserver. Now I just need to access the ads I upload on my community-hosted Openx adserver. Is this something you are able to do, and do you have the time available?

We can work on the openx installed in your server, but It cannot be done on the community-hosted Openx Adserver.
Let us know if you need any custom changes or the services to the installed openx version.

OpenX integration with Elgg Social Network

Sunday, September 12th, 2010


i need to install all avilable plugins of openx and integrate with user profile of elgg social network i am running, to amke user same in google or any other system use on id to manage there adds accounts, and if it is possible to integrate with user site visitor tracking open source code also ( hosted solution in my site), so it will be more ceo firendly software!!


è We can create the account for the elgg Users in the openx and they can login to the Openx with the same User name and Password.

When the User registers with the Elgg the account can be created in the openx also. For the Existing Users we can create manually.

We can Create the User account for the openx from Elgg and also we can make such that the login in the Elgg can be synchronized with the login to the Openx and the User does not need to login to the Openx Again.

We can integrate the login functionality of the openx and Elgg and create the User account with the Advertiser and Publisher Role linked to the same User.

With the Single User login he can manage his Advertiser and Publisher accounts.

For more queries, contact our support team and we can provide you solutions with our consulting services.

OpenX zones for multiple sites

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Question for

We have installed OpenX on our server. We have a network of 200 websites, and we want to put commercials on these sites. Each site has about 40 zones that are similar in every website. We are wondering, what is the best way to define OpenX. It does not make sense for us to define 40 zones per each of our 200 websites. Is there a shorter way and can you help us with it. Answer:

We can import and give you all the Zones to the all Websites, in the case if the Each website share same Zone.

Or we can create and provide you the script that can be defined with the Zone details and where you can import that for every new Website.

Banner Rotation without reloading

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010


Is it possible to have with the latest version of OpenX some banners automatically rotated in the same position in the same page with different weights, without reloading the webpage?
For example two or three banners automatically rotated in the same position with a JavaScript…


Yes,You have the option in latest version of the Openx.

You have to copy the iFrame invocation tag code instead of copying javascript invocation tag code to put in the website zone.

At the same time you need to specify the time difference between the banner delivery.for this you have an option called refresh after.You need to specify the time interval in that place.

Schedule Ads based on a specific time of day

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

QUESTION : On behalf of one of our clients we are looking for a solution to schedule Ads to start on a specific time of the day and ends at a specific time .i.e a campaign to start on February 15, 2010 at 3 PM and ends on March 15, 2010 at 6 PM.

Do you have a solution for this problem ? Could you provide some information on how such a solution would be implemented in OpenX ? Is it a plug- in or how does this work ?

ANSWER : The solution will be provided as a customised script with the readme document and not as plug-in.

We will create a custom script, some changes in the existing OPenX core files amd the Database modification to implement your requirement.

In the Campaign edit page we shall have the Advanced setting by Time link and open with a pop-up to get the Activation time.We shall modify the openx script such that it activates on the set specific time.

Advertiser Sign up and Banner Approval

Monday, January 11th, 2010

QUESTION : Can you suggest the packet that would allow :

1. advertisers register themselves automatically, enter account

2. advertisers be able to add and edit all banners themselves

3. but those banners become active ONLY after admin moderates them postfactum

ANSWER :  The “Advertiser Registration Module with All Permission” will allow the Advertiser to Create, Edit and Delete the Campaigns and Banners. Advertiser will be also able to Link the Banners to the zones.
Let us know the link details,. Do you want the Advertiser to create the campaigns also?

Regarding the Banner, he should be able to create, edit and delete the Banners. we can have a UI for the Administrator that lists all the banners that are created or edited by Advertisers. Admin can Activate , deactivate state or Reject them.