Selling adspaces using OpenX

Have you seen or written a mod that will allow someone to see what has been sold in the future? We have sales people that will be selling exclusive leaderboard ads and want to make sure that we don’t double sell.

Can you give some more details about this functionality or just give answers of below questions?

What do you mean by sales people? Are they advertisers or publishers?

In OpenX, anybody can sell ads for any size (ex. 728 X 90) then can you tell me exactly what do you want?

How do you want to control?

Thank you for replying to my inquiry.

We have 4 Geodomains that we are selling ads on. These are sold by our own
inhouse staff. They need an easy way to see if the leaderboard for a site
is sold and on what dates. We aren’t going to rotate the ads but sell them
on first come first server and we don’t want to double sell them.

This is why I was trying to find a graphical way to see if something has
been sold and for what dates.

I got it your requirement. You are selling defined space from your sites and you want to make sure that your staffs will not sell same space two times at time (also one more thing is “you are not rotating ads.“).

Is it right?

If yes, then can you tell me how you are selling space? I mean per thousands impressions or per thousands clicks or monthly basis.

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