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Advanced Anti-fraud Impressions - Brand new feature

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Our product Advanced Anti-fraud Impressions effectively protects anti-fraudulent transactions online.Here are some features,
1. Stopping Anonymous Proxies from crossing Geo Location controls Fingerprint technology retrieves unique anonymous details of consumers ( devices - both fixed and mobile) based on their analyzing online behavior, online transactions, static and dynamic data stored by browsers, OS etc in real time, which are otherwise not accessible to other disturbing proxy servers, enables creating and maintaining unique device ID for any device.
The unique device ID for any device such as PC, Tablets, Smartphones etc authenticates its genuineness and even the fraudsters systems that hide their true identities can be filtered and blocked.
2. Identifying bot or non-human traffic Crawlers and anti-bot agents separates both traffic collecting information from analytics such as how long a user stays on the site, pages per visit etc.
3. Controlling Anti-Click frauds.

Campaign Monitoring System for openx

Sunday, April 28th, 2013


Currently, we’re looking for this module for our website.

These are the following requirements i need to list out the Total number of Active campaign details in the system and it should be list out in the separate page to quick analysis purpose.

Also i need to display the campaign based on the types as contract campaign, contract exclusive campaign & Remanant campaign.


This feature is not exist in the openx. But, If we can customize then we can create this feature

We have one plugin Campaign Monitoring System mod. This plugin is supporting to all requirement as you mentioned.

This feature is not available in Openx. By installing this mod you can have this feature.

Using this mod Administrator and Advertiser can see the over all campaign active in dashboard, also the separate Campaign Overview of the particular campaign wise.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

AffiJAX Affiliate Adnetwork - New Adnetwork

Monday, October 8th, 2012

AffiJAX is a global advertising marketplace. AffiJAX is an affiliate ad-network which allows you to independently manage and optimize customers ad-network. AffiJAX connects with multiple indpendent ad-networks. It offers the most flexible and easy-to-use platform that enables scalable rich media advertising network across the most popular mobile devices and platforms.

AffiJAX Network provides the platform, network and service you’ll need to grow customers online business via affiliate marketing. Adnetwork Administrator can choose from CPC, CPM, or CPA ads and earn up to 75% of the ad revenue share. Our system will evaluate the content on customers page and serve relevant, contextual ads, etc.,

AffiJAX Account Manager (Each Adnetwork Administrator) can access to their own affiliate tracking software, it’s time to make it their own by visiting “Site Settings” under your “Settings” tab. Tracking options, Targeting, Fraud detection, Messaging, and even import data from a previous system. Depending on AffiJAX edition, you can completely customize every piece of AffiJAX that suits your business needs.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

Ad targeting by language - New Plugin

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Would you like to target your ads on sites according to the end-user’s language? Our product will helps you to target your ads according to the language that you specify.

Though openx provides language targeting by default, Our product targets language by taking web page content as well as server variable into account.

Just specify the language you want to target during banner creation process,One can also select multiple language to target his/her ads.

We ensure that your ads will appear on sites according to the language that you would like to reach.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

City level Targeting

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012


Can you tell me the exact module to purchase? Link?

I see a couple, one that does a general geotargeting and one that is country specific. Did I miss the one that can target down to the city level?


Yes, We have the module to target the city level as per your request.

City level targeting mod helps advertiser to earn more revenue by allowing ads to display on target city.

High click through ratio is assured,Setting up target city is as simple as creating a banner.

Just select the Country and its associated cities,now you are ready to target your ads to selected cities.

To purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

contextual targeting

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012


I was wondering if this would be the right plugin “Contextual targeting” and suitable module for my purpose.

I have a video sharing website and it has specific categories. I want to have banner ads unique/relevant on the specific video page (468×60 or 300×250).

For example: If the user is watching a video on plumbing and is on the video page, I would like the ad (let’s say 300×250, or 468×60), on the video the user is watching, to show the relevant ad based on what this person is watching. In short, Plumbing video = plumbing ad, if it’s a football video = sporting goods ad. I have about 10 different categories and within each video would like to have different types of ads within the view of the video pages based on it’s relevancy.

Would this be the correct plugin, or do you offer something else that will be better?

Wasn’t contextual targeting originally a default feature in openx?


Contextual targeting module will help the advertiser to display the ads only to the pages which is relevant to their ads.

The sites are targeted using meta keywords and we use such efficient meta keywords to target the ads.

Banner will be display according to the meta keyword matched.

This module will check the meta keywords of the page and delivery the relevant banner to the page. For eg: you category word should be found in your site ( sports,games, etc..).

If we have the meta keyword as “sports” means in that page it display the ad relevant to sports.

Contextual targeting is the cusomized plugin to delivery the banner which match the keyword of the site and it is not a default openx functionality.

mJAX mobile ads plugin

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012


I am finding a solution for mobile advertising, your plugin seems to be fine. So I would like to see the live demo, how it works. Plus, do you have any support, maintenance policy for your customer? How will you implement the customer support service for an oversea customer like us (we are in Vietnam)?
I’m setting consumer targeting by Mobile OS and getting trouble. The thing is I limit the OS is valid for Android and Symbian but the banner is still display on Iphone devices.

Furthermore, how can I set targeting for a banner? I would like to do some basic targeting like that: limit by mobile OS, limit by mobile telecom provider, limit by location/GPS, limit by mobile manufacturer.

What I will expect for the plugin is:

  • Capability to display banners on mobile device including flash banners on non-iOS devices, capability to display rich media banner (using html5) on iOS devices.
  • Capability to display banners on target consumer (by phone manufacturer, phone OS, Mobile Telecom provider, Phone model name, target by GPS).


If you want to target by GPS then we have to do as customization work only.

Select the option “Handset - Manufacture” and here you can set the targeting for Mobile Manufacture.

We have the feature to display Flash banners (.flv) on mobile device and for Rich media banner (using Html 5) we have to do this as customised work.

For Rich media we have this feature as addon for mJAX mobile ads plugin

Our plugin will delivery the banners on  phone manufacturer, phone OS, Mobile Telecom provider, Phone model name.

For targeting by GPS,we need to check the feasibility and will provide this as a customised work.

If you need any other advanced feature to be add on this plugin means we will provide this as customised work to full-fill the package.

Herewith we have mention the product description URL for your reference Product link

So we recommended this plugin with addon as per requirement mention

ZIP code Geo-targeting

Friday, July 27th, 2012


After our first quest, it seems that a simple parameter already present in OpenX would enable this feature… let me explain…

We would obtain the Zip code from the user in the app, asking the user to enter it (so nothing to do with resolving IP or whatever). Then, we could add the Zip code as a part of ad queries to OpenX… something like:

So the server should support targeting campaigns depending on the Zip code (or that parameter added at the end of the call from the client).

I was suggested to use a parameter called “source”. This parameter should be also shown in the Excel reports…


– We can modify the script based on your requirement, openx provides the filtering by banner and we can provide the campaign Geo filter options in the campaign properties page, if required. When you set the campaign level Geo filters this will apply all the banners under this campaign.

– And we can target the campaign depending on the zip code and can set the parameter as source

We have implemented this as a customized work and to purchase this product, you can go to this link and place the order.

OpenX upgrades to 2.8.9

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

OpenX advances to 2.8.9

Important security issues which were all reported in past few months are completely fixed in the latest version of OpenX 2.8.9 and it is well tested and it is stable.

For mod purchases made already with, you can avail a request for new version of mods by sending an email to

If you would also require an installation or up gradation help for the latest version, our experts could provide you ensuring no loss of data or downtime for the same.

If you wish to upgrade directly by yourselves, follow these steps.

All users should upgrade to this version and perform a security audit to help ensure they keep their system secure.

Before upgrading:

  • Check for any rogue admin users (http://<your_admin_domain>/www/admin/admin-access.php).
  • You can also check for any recently changed files, if you have shell access, you can use the “find” command to look for any files modified recently
    • e.g. “find /path/to/openx/www /path/to/openx/plugins -mtime -7″ will find any files in those folders which were modified within the last 7 days.
  • If you find any unexpected files recently modified (especially .php files) remove them before performing the upgrade.

To upgrade your system:

  • Downloaded OpenX Source 2.8.9 from here
  • Follow the upgrade guide to upgrade your system.
  • Once you have upgraded, you can remove write access to your config files (/path/to/openx/var/*.conf.php), to help keep your system secure.

OpenX mobile SDK for mobile apps publishers

Saturday, November 27th, 2010


I would like to see if could provide an ability for my OpenX mobile to provide SDK facility for mobile app publishers. By providing this facility, I would like to serve ads inside the mobile apps. I would specifically need it for Android and iPhone platforms.

Answer: has already provided with mJAX mobile adserver and have a vast experience for setting up mobile ads. We would like to get even more details and go forward with the work. Please email with more details to and we can definitely help you for the same.