N Banner Rotation Without Reloading Page


We have more banners in one zone. We are using the openx. Now, how do display all banner rotation without Page reloading?. How can do this?


This functionality is not providing by default openx. We can do this functionaly for openx. we can customize the openx code.
N Banner Rotation Without Reloading Page mod will help the publisher to rotate any number of banners.
By installing this mod, publisher will be able to display any number of banners in the same zone.
The banners will be rotated in a zone with some time gap. No need to reload the page to see next banner.
It means the first banner will be automatically replaced by next banner. After sometime second banner will be replaced by next one in queue.
Also, It will not increase execution time in your page, because it rotates once the page executes.

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